The importance of spirituality to health

Leonardo Boff

As a general rule, health workers have all been trained in the modern scientific paradigm that draws a complete separation between mind and body, and between human beings and nature. Thus many specialties have been created that have been very beneficial for diagnosing illnesses and also for developing the means of curing them.

Having given credit where credit is due, we cannot forget, however, that the holistic vision has been lost: the human being within a wider concept of society, of nature and of the cosmic energies; illness as a rupture of that totality, and the cure as its reintegration.

There is in us a dimension responsible for cultivating that totality, one that looks to the Structuring axis of our lives: namely, the spiritual dimension. Spirituality comes from spirit; it is the cultivation of what is proper for the spirit, its capacity to project a unifying vision, to relate with…

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